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Why Every Bride Needs a Bridal Shoot

Many people are new to the idea of a bridal session, which leads to the question, "Why have one?" A bridal shoot is a portrait session focused solely on the bride. The groom is usually not part of it because the bride will be wearing her wedding dress. The bride can then use the images to display at the reception, include in the wedding album and to hold onto as a family heirloom.


The benefits of having one:

1. Test Run Before the Big Day

People often have different opinions once they see things as a whole, and especially in pictures. The bride will be able to use this shoot as a way to make any last minute changes to her wedding look.

2. Become More Comfortable in Front of the Camera

The wedding day is all about the bride and groom and the memories that special day will hold. This session will allow the bride to become comfortable posing and relaxing for the camera, and give the bride a chance to get to know the photographer that she hired so that when her wedding day rolls around, she will be feeling confident in his/her ability to direct and pose everyone. Leaving her with less to worry about during her big day.

3. Will Not Be Rushed

The photographer is following a planned-out schedule with time slots for certain pictures. Often times during a wedding day, the photographer might not have time to get as many detailed shots that the bride originally wished to have. That is why many brides opt for a bridal session.

4. Use Them as Sneak Peeks

It is hard to wait up to a week to post about your wedding. This is why a lot of brides & grooms will share low quality iPhone pictures after their wedding they are not even in love with. Using bridal portraits will take away the agony of not having a picture to post the second you say "I do".

Pictures featured were taken in William Goodrich Jones State Forest in Conroe, Texas.

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